Sunday, February 23, 2014

Hopefully A Bright Move

Bismillahi walhamdulillah

Alhamdulillah praises to Allah, the best planner above all plans made by us. I pray to Allah, hopefully He blessed my plan and all my intention in whatever matters I did. Ya Ilahi anta mathlubi..

Last Saturday which was yesterday I decided to meet Dr Fadzila Azni, a senior lecturer at ISDEV USM Penang. Masha Allah, Allah always be nice to me since I thought I can't met her on that day. At first, I felt uncomfortable to have an appointment with her during weekend as I knew that weekend is a family time for a career woman like her. After waiting for the non-reply sms and call that I'd made, finally I told Abang to continue our plan going to USM. I tried to boost myself by positively think that Allah had done the best for me. InsyaAllah I can meet Dr by Allah's will. Who knows right?

We arrived at Islamic Development Management (ISDEV), School of Social Science about 10.30 am. Bismillah, I tried to make another call to Dr. Alhamdulillah within 10 seconds she picked up the phone. She said that she just read my message and she will be arrived at USM within 15 minutes. Alhamdulillah, oh Allah, You are very kind and nice to me, Allahu Akbar! So always husnuszhon to Allah, Allah always be by our intention.

My first impression to Dr Fadzila is subhanallah, her face is alike my naqibah; Ustazah Norhafizah Musa :). Masha Allah I feel grateful with this gift; Allah always granted me with soleh and solehah people throughout my story life. She welcomed me with her warm smile and accompanied by her adorable son, 'Ilman :). What a wonderful moment, alhamdulillah ya Rabb!

I started my conversation by building a rapport; asking where she live, how she came to USM and another few personal questions. Then I threw out all my queries about ISDEV, the courses, life of PhD's student, financial aids and chances of being hired as a staff in USM. Dr. was patiently answered my question one by one with her bright smile. I nodded while listening to her explanation and experiences being a member of ISDEV's family.

ISDEV is very unique. I notice that staffs and students are having a strong ukhuwwah by spending their time and attending the programs together. They organized lots of beneficial and ritual program routinely and all of them were supporting each other by assuring those programs succeed. ISDEV was mesmerized me and I fall in love with ISDEV!

After discussing and having few QnA session with Dr Fadzila about an hour, I asked her permission to leave. I wanted to have series of appointment with her and she agreed. She undoubtedly giving permission to call her at anytime I need her advise, alhamdulillah. May Allah blessed you Dr. Fadzila :)

Alhamdulillah thumma Alhamdulillah. Allah has showed me the way and it's my choice either to take or leave it. I believe that Allah always be with me and will always assists me in anytime at anywhere. I do hope this is a bright move to a long and colorful journey of PhD! PhD, here I come!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Baby and PhD?

Bismillahi walhamdulillah

After polishing my not-so-fluent English writing on the previous post, I tried to write again, and maybe again, insyaAllah. Practice makes perfect right?

After having a long journey of my pregnancy (I reach 35wks 5days today), I thought of the moment of delivering my baby. All mix feelings overwhelmed me right now and sometimes it threatened me =(. This morning I had warm chit chatting with other pregnant mom whilst we're waiting for our US KUB (kidneys' ultrasound) at Kulim Hospital. Alhamdulillah how glad to hear her amazing moment of delivering her three daughters. I pray to Allah and wish to have the same moment like her, ameen.

Reading, listening, watching and discussing the moment of giving birth were so exciting and reminding me about my mother's sacrifice in delivering 9 of us. Indeed, only Allah can reward her. I tried to practice all the tips especially the tips to facilitate maternity as I know those are part of our effort as a servant of Allah. May Allah ease everything, ameen.

During this pregnancy's phase, I am also become a job seeker; updating resume and sending all around northern universities. Yes, we must put an effort and a BIG EFFORT in whatever we do and plan. But not and ever forget to the BEST PLANNER of us, Allah SWT. I always and always try to remind myself to put Allah first in each single decision that I want to make. I knew that Allah always has the BEST PLAN to His servant.

One of the universities that I'd applied had rejected my application since I'm not yet having PhD. Oh that made me quite stressed and pushed me to further the PhD! Furthermore there are quite numbers of my friends were pursuing their PhD in this year. Aha hope to absorb their PhD's spirit too!

My husband encourages and 100% supports me in doing my PhD =), that was so touching and motivating me dear! And he persuades me to doing abroad! Hmm, a lot things to be prepared dear and let's have an open table haha =p

Yeah, starting today, I must add on a new 2014's GOAL>>PhD! Perhaps I'll have two babies this year? My own baby and my PhD? Dear Allah, please gives and shows the best for us. Pursuing PhD is not about having pride and honor(na'uzubillah), but for the sake of knowledge itself. Remembering myself that Allah's knowledge is limitless and no boundaries of it. If you have chances to study, so go for it! Everyone can hold Degrees, Masters or PhD, but how many of us can practice and convey our very little knowledge that we have to the ummah and Islam?

**A bit reminder to Ummi**

Friday, February 7, 2014

When I miss my Mujahids and Mujahidahs..

Bismillahi walhamdulillah

It's Friday today! Don't forget to do plenty of Solawah and read Al-Kahf! Don't let your time flies with no benefits and without practice the sunnah. Sometimes you feel hard to practice but bear in your mind that you are doing virtues and definitely you will be rewarded by Allah for it. Have faith on it my brothers and sisters! 

Scrolling down the faces of my nieces and nephews on my father's FB threw me to my Juliana's. I smiled and thanked Allah for bringing me chances to see, laugh and enjoy every moment with my love. Abah and Mak were the most and very important persons for 9 of us. Their sacrifices will never be paid forever, only Allah can reward all their kindness and sacrifices to their child and grandchild.

My first brother, Faidz was doing well in his study and career. Alhamdulillah he got married to a beautiful lady, Shida and was granted an adorable daughter, Humaira. Humaira looks alike her father or so called 'anak papa'. She is so cute especially when she's smiling and so slim compared to her cousins hehe..

Next will be my first sister, Nienah. Alhamdulillah Nienah is doing her housemanship (HO) in HSB Alor Star, the place of born of her second son. Nienah met her husband at Cairo and they got married there plus granted with first son, Fathi. When Fathi turned 1 year 1 month old, he got his sparring partner which is Imad. Oh these two mujahids are sooo adorable and become qurratu'ain for us. Fathi is such confused with his new family member as he just a cute toddler and know nothing about having a little brother. Oh poor Fathi but he always entertained us with his dance and loud speaker of his voice (read: screaming and yelling) when being bullied by his Mak Su. Below were the memorable moments with two of them. Oh how I missed them badly :(

My second sister, Dedek also had a beautiful daughter with a beautiful name, Nur Maryam Sakura. Her husband loves the name of flower and wants to perpetuate it on their child's name. Cute right? We called her Maryam or sometimes in a short way, just Yam haha ^^. Maryam is an independent baby, she knew her father still studying and always be a good girl to her mother. Well done dear! Currently Dedek settled down with her family in law in Penang. 

The rest of my brothers and sisters still single and available hehe..I'll make sure they finish their study before thinking about getting married's okay to stick the rule for this millenium teenagers right? Zaki will finish his degree study this year, Fatimah is still doing his Diploma of Medical Assistant, Umar is just a beginner student of Al-Azhar's University, Aqil is starting his new Form 4's life at SMAP Bentong and the last one, Aisyah will sit for UPSR this year. Done the short story of my lovely siblings! Praise to Allah for having and growing up with them since I was born till today..Alhamdulillah thumma Alhamdulillah :)

Baiti Jannati