Ramadhan's Hope

Bismillahi walhamdulillah

The blessed and holy month is coming
The doors of Jannah are widely open and
the doors of Naar are closed shut

Allah promises reward for those who are striving hard
Shiyam and Qiyam
Read Al-Qur'an, zakah and sadaqah
And there is a special door of Jannah to the fasting person
Named Ar-Rayyan

The believers (mukminin) really impatient to meet this month
As they know how blessed, remarkable and wonderful the month is
The month which Allah reserved a night
The night which is better than one thousand months
That night is Lailatul Qadr!

Ramadhan is coming
May this Ramadhan be different from the past Ramadhan
It is not late to change
Make your first step in this coming Ramadhan

Ramadhan's Hope~
"Kun Rabbaniyyun wala takun Ramadhaniyyun"


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