Baby and PhD?

Bismillahi walhamdulillah

After polishing my not-so-fluent English writing on the previous post, I tried to write again, and maybe again, insyaAllah. Practice makes perfect right?

After having a long journey of my pregnancy (I reach 35wks 5days today), I thought of the moment of delivering my baby. All mix feelings overwhelmed me right now and sometimes it threatened me =(. This morning I had warm chit chatting with other pregnant mom whilst we're waiting for our US KUB (kidneys' ultrasound) at Kulim Hospital. Alhamdulillah how glad to hear her amazing moment of delivering her three daughters. I pray to Allah and wish to have the same moment like her, ameen.

Reading, listening, watching and discussing the moment of giving birth were so exciting and reminding me about my mother's sacrifice in delivering 9 of us. Indeed, only Allah can reward her. I tried to practice all the tips especially the tips to facilitate maternity as I know those are part of our effort as a servant of Allah. May Allah ease everything, ameen.

During this pregnancy's phase, I am also become a job seeker; updating resume and sending all around northern universities. Yes, we must put an effort and a BIG EFFORT in whatever we do and plan. But not and ever forget to the BEST PLANNER of us, Allah SWT. I always and always try to remind myself to put Allah first in each single decision that I want to make. I knew that Allah always has the BEST PLAN to His servant.

One of the universities that I'd applied had rejected my application since I'm not yet having PhD. Oh that made me quite stressed and pushed me to further the PhD! Furthermore there are quite numbers of my friends were pursuing their PhD in this year. Aha hope to absorb their PhD's spirit too!

My husband encourages and 100% supports me in doing my PhD =), that was so touching and motivating me dear! And he persuades me to doing abroad! Hmm, a lot things to be prepared dear and let's have an open table haha =p

Yeah, starting today, I must add on a new 2014's GOAL>>PhD! Perhaps I'll have two babies this year? My own baby and my PhD? Dear Allah, please gives and shows the best for us. Pursuing PhD is not about having pride and honor(na'uzubillah), but for the sake of knowledge itself. Remembering myself that Allah's knowledge is limitless and no boundaries of it. If you have chances to study, so go for it! Everyone can hold Degrees, Masters or PhD, but how many of us can practice and convey our very little knowledge that we have to the ummah and Islam?

**A bit reminder to Ummi**


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