Syukran Ya Allah!

No words to say; Alhamdulillah, syukran ya Allah!
You bestows me the 'rizq' even I'm not being ur humble slave in front of You..

Dear friends, please pray for me..
I need your du'a and nasihah
May I can perform my amanah well and the best that I can
May I can teach and preach the knowledge duniawi and ukhrawi to my students
May I can show the best qudwah to them
Till then
I can answer in front of Allah
For what I've done
In the entire of my life..

Thank you.


  1. Rabbana Yassir Wala Tu'assir! InsyaAllah u can do it =) yeah! Never say no =p May Allah guide u to the right path ameeenn

  2. Ameen..tq dear hajaq :)
    Really need ur du'a & support..
    Gudluck to u too..
    waa, gonna mz u, all ab's & IIUM definitely! T_T

  3. Alhamdulillah Isnin ni nk start ngajar dh cema' kt uitm arau but as a part-time lec je..
    klu ade permanent lec, kte mayb kne kuar, huhu..

  4. wow! besnye!! takpe, at least waktu menganggur tak la kosong kan :) tau tak, lately cema' pun rs nk keje. mcm nak tarik balik jek niat nak sambung blaja.. huhu.. btw, akan slalu do'akan fizah :) do'akan cema' gak. huhu~


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